Panasonic PSN-FPXM35A Non-Humidifying ECONAVI Air Purifier

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Panasonic PSN-FPXM35A Non-Humidifying ECONAVI Humidifying nanoe™ HEPA Filter Air Purifier Pembersih Udara

Enjoy healthy and comfortable living environment with the advanced technologies of Panasonic air purifiers. Panasonic air purifiers are proven capable of reducing allergen content significantly. Coverage area: 26m² (280ft²), Direct Front Suction, HEPA Filter, ECONAVI, Sensors: Odour / Humidity.
Humidifying nanoe™ Air Purifier. Sensors: Odour / Humidity, Coverage Area: 26m² (280ft²), Direct Front Suction, HEPA Filter, ECONAVI.

What is nanoe™?

A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20 nm) and weakly acidic water particle with a reactive substance and an electric charge.
A nanoe™ is water-wrapped capsule with plentiful OH radicals.
Its effectiveness of bacteria removal#1 depends on the number of OH radical#2, which is generated at the rate of 480 billion per second.
Bacteria: the effect resulted in 25cu.m. enclosed test space for 4 hours, not actual usage space.
Virus: the effect resulted in 1cu.m. enclosed test box for 2 hours, not at actual usage space.

What is OH Radical?

OH radical possesses the characteristics of removing hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, odors and allergens. Therefore, the more the OH radical, the higher the effectiveness of the anti-virus power.

Long Life & Water-originated

6 times longer lifespan than normal ion – nanoe™ has a lifespan of 6 times longer than normal ion and it contains moisture around 1,000 times to minus ions. It comes from condensed moisture in the air. Water replenishment for the appliance is not required.

Penetrates textile fibres thoroughly

The nanoe™ dimension is one-billionth parts of vapour, which enables it to easily penetrate textile fibres and eliminate bacteria and odour. nanoe™ surrounds and suppresses allergens (pollen, dust mite carcasses and droppings etc.) Even particles of smells that are attached to the textile fibres can be completely removed.

Benefits of nanoe™

Inhibits 99.9% viruses (H1N1) and (H5N1) and 99.9% bacteria (E.Coli 0157, MRSA).
Reduces 90% of odour (tobacco smell) after 30 minutes
Help restore moisture back to the skin. nanoe™ attaches on the sebum and form membranes on the skin, so skin is hydrated that improves the keratin texture and keeps the skin fresh and moisture.


Panasonic Air Purifiers are proven to be capable of reducing allergen content significantly
Some surveys indicate that the allergy rates are increasing throughout the world that around 30% of people are suffering from different extent of influences in their lives. Panasonic Air Purifier has been endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation approving their allergen removal capability that would improve their quality of life of this group of people.

HEPA Composite Filter

Maintain a clean space by removing 0.3µm particles up to 99.97%

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